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what to expect

  • We will responsibly guide you through every aspect of the design process

  • Guard your privacy and protect your personal space

  • Communicate frequently and with the method you prefer

  • Design/build/manage your project to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful

  • Select products for their impact on the environment, and their aesthetics, appropriateness and durability

  • Recommend reputable and responsible manufacturers  

  • Manage your project with professionalism, respect, and above all, integrity

  • Consider the environment impact of everything we do for you

  • Be completely honest with you even if it isn’t what you want to hear


We start…

In the same way. Always. Asking a million questions, finding out about you. Your wants and your needs, your loves and your hates. Your lifestyle. We’re learning what’s meaningful to you, and what you want your home or office to say about you.

Then, we begin our design process.


We develop your initial schematic designs. Why? To help you visualize your new project.



We create construction documents. Why? Because these drawings inform us of how exactly to build out your project


We design your palette. Why? By creating the vision, by setting the stage, by giving you a glimpse of: your materials, finishes and colors, your millwork, custom cabinetry and much more, you’re seeing what your interiors will look like, and equally important, what they’ll feel like.

After that…

We finalize all the drawings, all the layouts, all the custom finishes and all the details (and details, details.)

Followed by you, giving your approval.

And we move to…

Purchasing. Ordering, shipping, receiving…and inspecting. Because when something arrives broken (and something always does) we’re there to take care of it.

Concurrent to this is construction.

Where we are your…

Project manager. Overseeing and coordinating your process from construction, electrical, plumbing, lighting installation, AV, landscaping, and every other imaginable facet of construction. From the ground up (literally) we’re keeping an eye on your “punch list,” constantly reviewing and updating it, always ensuring that every thing is being done correctly, and beautifully.

Simultaneously, we are…

Uploading. Photos and videos of the construction process. You’ll see your home or your office taking shape before your eyes. (Okay, your screen.)

Also while, we are…

Doing something (oddly) called: “staging for installation.” Simple English? We’ve got everything in our warehouse, inspected, organized, and ready for installation.

Yes, we said it…

Installation. We show up with truckloads of your goodies. We take care of all the big heavy lifting. (Well, we find all the big strong guys who take care of all the big heavy lifting).

And since we’ve drawn everything (and obsessed over every other thing.) Since we measured every possible angle, height, width and depth, we’re sure that your sofa’s going to fit in the elevator. (And oh, that hand-carved, antique armoire we had shipped from Indonesia? We’re sure it will fit through your front door–in one piece.)


The Big Reveal. Groceries are in your pantry. Flowers are on your table. Coffee’s made, your candles are lit, and your wine’s decanting. We’ve met your every need so that you can simply walk in and live your life. And your lifestyle.

Why we did it? Because we love…

Seeing your eyes light up when you walk in to your new interiors. And hearing you say, “It’s exactly me. It’s just what I wanted. How did you know?”

And it’s our greatest hope that you will never forget how we made you feel.


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